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Meet Jeff..

Jeff is a trendsetter – he’s always ahead of the curve. His eyes twinkle in delight at the sight of a new gadget, and he is leading the charge of the male grooming revolution – why shouldn’t men moisturise?

As a data visualisation designer for the local paper, Jeff spends his days bringing data to life for the readers. While car parking fine trends over time, might seem a tad dull to his colleagues, to Jeff it’s an opportunity to dazzle and inform the nation. Cheerful in the face of impossible deadlines, 1000 row spreadsheets and his grumpy editor, Jeff likes to tell people the secret to his sunny outlook is his daily beachfront cycle at the crack of dawn. As he likes to say (to anyone that will listen) – the early bird gets the worm!

Jeff’s Brighton pad is festooned with an array of the latest tech – from his robo-mop, which whizzes across his polished wood floors, to his voice-controlled bathtub, which fills itself to the perfect temperature while Jeff whips up dinner. Jeff’s idea of a perfect night in is to put his feet up, sip a single malt whisky, and pour over the data from his various smart devices. Could he shave a minute or two off his morning routine if his shower was set to 34 degrees instead of 36?

To bounce out of bed, Jeff needs an invigorating morning and a good night’s sleep. His white noise machine croons whale songs to help him nod off, and his automated blinds let sunlight flood in at exactly the right time each morning, helping him wake up feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed. But Jeff’s ace in the hole is his SleepID® adjustable firmness mattress. With 242 firmness possibilities for him and his partner, this tech geek is in heaven. Jeff sets his mattress to a restful 60 – firm, but not too firm, and wakes up feeling fresh as a daisy.

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