SleepID® does not 'come in a box'!

Unlike many of the new mattresses that you undoubtedly may have seen advertised on TV and the internet that ‘come in a box’ the SleepID® mattress simply does not. Many of this new breed of lower cost mattresses that do come in a box are simply made of varying grades of foam, glued together and vacuum sealed. This enables them to be delivered quickly to your door; in a box. The SleepID® mattress however is made of 7 carefully selected and engineered layers that are designed to provide you with the very best nights sleep. These layers, once constructed cannot be squashed into a tiny box!


The SleepID® mattress is handmade in our UK sleep factory and delivered by a two man delivery and installation team. The Adjustable Dynamic core needs to be set up for the first time and we feel that as a customer you deserve this being taken care of for you. After all there is nothing worse than a delivery being dropped to your door and having to work through the instructions, no matter how simple they are!


Installation takes a few minutes however, after we have set up your new sleep system our team will show you how to use it so that you can start enjoying the benefits of your unique SleepID® mattress as soon as possible. Of course we will leave you with the instructions when we leave just in case!


SleepID® was created by Adjustamatic Beds, part of the NHC healthcare group and we have been delivering beds and mattresses for over 55 years. So once you have purchased your new SleepID® mattress, all that’s left for you to do is relax!

SleepID Delivery and Installation Team
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