We are always there for you..

The SleepID® mattress was created by Adjustamatic Beds, which is part of the healthcare group NHC. We have been manufacturing, delivering and servicing beds and mattresses for over 55 years. In this time we have clearly identified that our critical success factor is you! Our Customers.

Completely free of charge we offer a lifetime aftercare service for your SleepID® mattress.

What is lifetime aftercare?


We will make contact with you every 12-18 months to check that you are still enjoying the benefits of your SleepID® mattress. This may be through an email, SMS, post or even a telephone call and at this time also offer a free home customer care visit where we can check over your product if required. As with any of your contact preferences, you can opt-out of communications at any time.

We will continue to check up on you until you change or dispose of your SleepID® product and therefore making sure that you are happy throughout the lifetime of your product.

SleepID - We are always there for you!
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