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Coast Guard Sam is on a mission. Well, another mission anyway. A mission to be as cosy as possible.

Sam spends her days rescuing floundering vessels and averting environmental disaster in the Bristol Channel, but when she gets home, she likes to shut the door on the world and get cosy. Off come the oilskins and boots. Out come the silk pyjamas, slippers, and dressing gown – the perfect off-duty uniform for sinking down on her sofa to watch (another) 90’s chick flick with her Pomeranian, Lilly, and a hot chocolate. By teatime, she is well on her way to being the cosiest woman this side of Swansea (or the other side, for that matter).

When it comes to sleep, Sam keeps things snuggly. Spending her days being tossed around on the waves means she doesn’t want a repeat at bedtime: tossing and turning all night on a rock-hard mattress leaves her feeling seasick! Sam also sleeps on her starboard side (erm, that’s the right side to us landlubbers), so she craves a snug, squashy mattress that smooths away the day’s aches, and helps her to drift off softly. When First (bed) Mate Lilly loyally takes up her position (curled behind Sam’s knees) every night, she prefers to rest her paws on a sea of soft, downy covers too.

For Sam, it’s mission accomplished: her adjustable firmness mattress lets her select exactly the right softness for her – a so-soft 20, which lets her sail off to sleep. Sam now sleeps snug as a bug, knowing her mattress has got her back.

Ready to do it all again tomorrow.

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