SleepID® proud to be British

The SleepID® mattress is entirely British made and not only that, most of the materials are, where possible, locally sourced. So not only are you buying British but you are also helping to support local businesses within the supply chain.


Whilst being British made, the SleepID® mattress is also made by a very special device. This device has four fingers and one thumb, better know as a hand. That’s right every SleepID® mattress is made by hand. There are no assembly lines or robotic or automated interference, every mattress is made and tested by one of our dedicated master craftsman in our sleep factory in Denbigh, North Wales.


We are proud to be approved members of the British Furniture Manufacturers, BFM, which is a trade association that has represented the interests of the British furniture industry since 1947. This status confirms that we comply to an additional code of conduct which covers manufacturing and legal requirements as

well as providing assurance that our products are British made.

SleepID mattress being made
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Alongside this we are also members of the National Bed Federation and the Sleep Council. Originally founded in 1912 the NBF is the recognised trade association

representing UK manufacturers of beds and their suppliers. NBF members work to a code of practice to ensure consumers get the highest standards of

product meeting UK regulations.

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