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Meet Christine..

Christine is one in a million. Or at least, some of her ideas are. Adored by the families she supports, social worker Christine’s offbeat sense of humour has pulled countless people out of a crisis. And if that doesn’t work, a slice of her legendary rainbow banana loaf will.

Away from her desk, Christine struggles to switch off. But she manages to scratch that helping-others itch by spending her evenings as a beauty vlogger, showing her followers how to shine their brightest. Never one to settle for the conventional, Christine loves a thoroughly bonkers beauty challenge. Her latest invention, the turmeric and beetroot ice lolly face roller (she calls it the ‘Eyes Lolly’) went down a storm online. When she’s not single-handedly banishing the nation’s under eye bags, Christine loves to smooth on a face mask, cuddle up in bed and watch Bridget Jones’s Diary (again), with her girls in a watch party, of course.

But on the nights she doesn’t get home until 11PM, and her phone is still ringing off the hook, Christine can feel a little wrung out. Getting experimental with body glitter is all well and good, but Christine doesn’t take any chances with her sleep. She knows that to be her best self, she needs to set her room to perfect temperature for sleep, 18°C, and her SleepID adjustable firmness mattress to a soothing 50. Christine snoozes effortlessly, and the stress of being run off her feet at work melts away, much like her Eyes Lollies.

Peaceful sleep puts the twinkle in Christine’s eye. Her followers want to know what her secret is, but Christine replies only with a dazzling wink. It’s copious moisturiser, good friends (and great sleep).

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