Gerald like his SleepID adjustable firmness setting a little softer at setting 50!
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Meet Gerald..

Mild mannered office manager Gerald has a secret alter ego; much like Clark Kent, although he doesn’t like to brag. By day, Gerald is the model professional: reliable, knowledgeable, and always delivers when it’s his turn to bring in the cake. Everyday hero Gerald is the only person in the office who knows where to hit the air conditioning unit to stop the weird noise, and the only person in the building that knows how to make the printer work.


At the end of a long workday, Gerald loosens his tie, sets down his briefcase, and transforms into his alter ego: DJ WILDE (after his 80’s idol, Kim Wilde!). His costume of choice? A pair of acid wash jeans paired with a fluorescent windbreaker and a big gold chain, in true 80’s style.

As DJ WILDE, Gerald is up until the wee small hours painting the town red, reliving his 80’s heydays. Party animal DJ WILDE really lets loose behind the decks, in fact he’s the life and soul of the Ipswich clubbing scene. And yet the morning after, Gerald arrives to the office spry and cheerful, his suit perfectly ironed and his shoes polished, ready to colour code the office leave diary (you know, just to be helpful). 


Gerald puts the secret of his success down to his SleepID® adjustable firmness mattress, which lets him tailor the comfort and support to suit his needs. As office manager Gerald, he needs a mattress that matches his office style – firm and reliable – and sets it to a sensible 70. But after a night of setting the dancefloor on fire, DJ WILDE needs something a little gentler, snoozing on a softer 50 – he’s not 19 anymore!


Gerald wakes up each morning feeling like a new man, and unfailingly arrives at the office 10 minutes before anyone else, not a hair out of place – no matter what he’s been up to the night before. He’s even spritely enough to make sure he remembers to wear his sensible office manager trousers, and not his DJ WILDE legwarmers. His secret’s safe for another day.

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